New Palo Santo Spray!

We now offer a Palo Santo Spray for those who don’t feel like smudging or are not allowed to burn in their living environments. This spray still has the same benefits of our bundle, (read here to learn more:)

This spray is convenient for a room refresher, or for clearing energy. I personally spray it before I go to bed as it resets the energy and promotes a better, relaxed sleep. Infused with snowflake obsidian crystals, which have healing properties of balance for the mind and body, protection from negative energies, and provide a sense of direction and perseverance. 

There are also benefits of Palo Santo essential oil which is found in this spray such as antimicrobacterial, calms the nervous system, cleanse the air and even an antiseptic if sprayed on the skin. All of our products are organic, natural and designed with the skin in mind, so feel free to try this as an antiseptic and let us know how it works! We would  love feedback! 

If you don’t feel like burning palo santo or the spray we do offer Palo Santo candles as well and are one of our top sellers. We have all the products to make sure you have good energy all the time!


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