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  • I personally live by the motto energy flows where intention goes, and I have the intention to help others become aware of what they are consuming and heal their health when it comes to Chthonic Co. 
  • My name is Bria Burton and I started Chthonic Co. during the pandemic. I came home from college due to all of my classes being online and started burning candles more often. I noticed that after burning these candles I had a hard time breathing and often times my asthma would get flared up. I did some research and it turned out that the candles were emitting harmful toxins and filled with synthetic fragrances and other health disrupting chemicals. I decided to use the knowledge I had of organic essential oils and create my own candles that purify the air when lit. I source everything locally, and still to this day handcraft each and every product using all natural, organic, vegan, sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients and materials. I have expanded my line from candles to bath products as well, all with the same principals in place.   

  • Chthonic means mysterious but what is in our products is not. I take pride in the fact everything I make is all natural, organic, vegan, sustainable and something that is often not found in the general marketplace. Instead of being mass produced in factories like other companies products, I handcraft each item in small batches to ensure the quality is the highest it can possibly be. I also incorporate crystals/gemstones and dried flowers throughout each product adding a touch of uniqueness and extra health healing aspects as gemstones have a high vibration of energy within just like dried flowers and herbs too. All intended to heal the mind, body & spirit. The best form of self care is self love and knowing what is in products is critical to help you feel the best! 


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