Our New Palo Santo Bundle

Smudging is a great way to get rid of stale, old, negative energy. To smudge you take  a bundle of sage, palo santo, or even an incense and wave it around the air, room, over crystals, and any area you want new positive energy to flow and come to. Smudging purifies the air, helps relieve dust, pet dander, pollution and even mold. Smudging can also help relieve stress, improve mood, improve the quality of sleep if you smudge before bed, and can even help boost cognition, when it comes to memory and focus. 

For those who can not smudge or live in an apartment or dorm, like I used to back in college, you can smudge with any of our sprays here at Chthonic Co. Each spray has energy clearing essential oils and some even purifying crystals as well. We recently added a Palo Santo Spray that acts just like the smudge, but without the smoke and in liquid form.  

Our new Palo Santo Smudge Bundle is perfect for those who want to begin smudging or have before. In this bundle there are two sticks which will last a long time, dried lavender that  you can burn and smudge as well, and a selenite wand that cleanses energy in a room and other crystals as well if you place them upon it. We recommend keeping selenite by the front door or in your bedroom so you are protected from unwanted negative energy and it allows the energy to be cleansed for new energy to flow. 

Simply light one end of the stick and blow out the flame, then wave it around the room, you, and then place it somewhere and let the smoke continue. You can burn it before yoga, before mediation or just because you feel like it. One of our favorite times to burn Palo Santo is right before bed, it helps calm the body, makes the room smell good and sets you up in the right mood for the next day when you wake. 

Palo Santo is an exotic wood from South America and known for all of its medicinal properties. Palo Santo is also good for repelling bugs and mosquitoes as well as negative energy. 

There are many benefits of Palo Santo and it is one of our favorite smudges! 


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