Our Story

At just 20 years old, Bria Burton had a vision and a passion for entrepreneurship. With a desire to create a product that would help her calm her asthma and not cause flare ups like the synthetic fragrance candles she burned, she founded her own company to purify the air and not harm her health. Her product was a unique line of handmade candles made from all-natural, organic, sustainable ingredients that helped her breathing.

Starting small, Bria sold her candles at her parent's health and wellness store in Fairfield, Iowa. In  3 days her first batch of candles were sold out. She saw a demand and came out with new sizes and scents. She spent countless hours researching and experimenting with different ingredients and fragrances to create the perfect product to help consumers health. From there she wanted to move in the direction of self care overall, creating bath salts, body scrubs and sprays while staying true to her natural, organic, vegan and handmade commitments.  Her hard work paid off, as her entire line of products have gained a loyal following among customers who appreciate high-quality and natural ingredients.

As her business grew, Bria began to expand her reach by selling her products, to larger retailers. She faced challenges along the way, such as scaling up her production while maintaining the same level of quality. From starting small in a bedroom with a few shelves to having semi loads of products being delivered and finding new space to hold it all. She persevered and continued to innovate, coming up with new scents and packaging designs that kept customers coming back for more.

Her story is an inspiration to young entrepreneurs everywhere, showing that with determination, commitment, and a passion for what you do, anything is possible! Like starting production in a bedroom and turning it into something much bigger!

Thank you for following us along this journey and supporting us as we continue to grow and make our products more accessible to everyone! Without you Bria's dreams of impacting people and creating products to improve health and wellbeing would not be possible! 



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