New Men's Products!

We have recently added a men’s scrub trio offered in both sizes! The new scents are Cedar Woods, Pleasant Pines and  Fir Forest. These scents were inspired by nature and the wonderful aromatherapy from the trees themselves. 

There  are many aromatherapy benefits of cedar including, release of tension, stress, mind calming, enhanced concentration, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and known to treat eczema and acne. 

Benefits of our Pleasant Pine scrub are purifying the mind, and body when used as well as energizing the body and removing stress and fatigue at the same. It also helps one have a positive outlook on the day, making it great for morning use or a perfect way to end the day and welcome a new one in. 

Fir Forest scrub also has many aromatherapy properties that help with stress, unwanted odor, fights bacteria and infection, improves skin, alleviates pain, and promotes relaxation. 

All of these scrubs are made with all natural, all organic coconut oil, vitamin e oil and scented with all organic, essential oils. You can learn more about that here:

Our scrubs are perfect for everyone who loves nourished, smooth, glowing skin! The 2oz scrubs are great for gifts or just because! 


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