Hand & Body Scrub Benefits

One of our top selling products is our line of scrubs! We sell all sizes and all scents, perfect to use on the body and hands everyday or when you feel like your skin is dry or just want some self care. These scrubs have a lot of health benefits when it comes to the skin and body that make them such a great product.  

Each scrub is enriched with organic coconut oil meaning that when the coconut was grown, no synthetic pesticides were used, no harmful toxins were emitted into the coconut. This is important as our skin is our largest organ and we want to make sure we consume the best, clean products using the best organic ingredients to do so.

 Coconut oil has many benefits when it comes to the skin such as minimizing wrinkles, removes impurities, locks in moisture, calms temporary redness, absorbs easily into the skin, soothes irritated skin and is a great exfoliation when paired with sugar like our scrubs. 

We also use organic vitamin E oil in every scrub as well. Vitamin E is essential in our scrubs as it is an additional layer of hydration for the skin. Vitamin E also acts as an antioxidant meaning it is helping your body’s cell be protected against damage, like sun exposure, free radicals, pollution in the air, tanning bed exposure and more. As Vitamin E oil goes into your skin it is helping the cells within your body and outside of your body when it comes to fighting damaging and aging properties. 

Lastly, the other main ingredient we use in our scrub is organic cane sugar. We use organic cane sugar because of the Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) that are naturally  found and derived in cane sugar. This means that it rapidly increases cell turnover and new growth making your skin soft, glowing and growing, adding back elasticity, and even kills bacteria and prevents growth from occurring on the skin stopping acne from recurring or starting. 

I would suggest implementing a scrub into your skincare routine and watch how instantly your skin starts glowing, becomes softer, nourished and improves in general. Many wives buy scrubs for their husband’s with cracked hands. The feedback we have received is amazing and perfect for all men. We offer many scents for those who are picky or want a certain smell for a certain season such as dry winter!


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