The Meaning Behind Our Packaging

At Chthonic Co. we understand how what we consume truly affects us, our health, wellbeing and environment. That is why we only use glass for all of our products so consumers can recycle and even reuse our jars. Many people are not aware but we as humans consume around 5 pounds of plastic a year and it stays in our body for a long time. Whether it be from plastic water bottles and the contaminants from those or even from food storage bags, to take out, plastic microorganisms leach their way into our bodies by breaking down into the food and water we drink. 

So, this was an obvious choice as people are consuming our products, and use glass for every product. This also helps keep plastic out of the landfills and gives consumers something to use after the product is gone for crafts or storage of coins, whatever one may wish to do!

Our labels are biodegradable paper so to remove them and the eco friendly adhesive, simply run under warm water and take a cloth and rub off the residue. Then you should have a blank glass jar that you can do whatever with! In the future, Chthonic is going to roll out a send back incentive program where you send the empty jar back and get something in return as a way to reuse it again and again.  

Hopefully you found this blog post insightful and learned something about how plastic doesn’t break down. (If plastic doesn’t break down in the ocean which is filled with salt, how would plastic ever break down in our bodies? Answer: It doesn’t!) 


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