New Relaxing Rose Spray!

We have a new Relaxing Rose Spray! This spray can be used in multiple ways! Filled with moon water, organic rose essential oil, and a rose quartz, this spray will leave you calm and relaxed. 

Our rose spray can be sprayed on linen, bedding, clothes, room for scent, or even as  facial toner, like I use, hair and body mist, and more

Rose is great for calming anxiety, removing stress, and relaxing the mind and body. Using this spray for a facial toner, or on the skin allows for the skin to become hydrated, inflammation to be reduced, helps with the healing of scars, and anti-aging as it diminishes free radicals, the cause of aging. Rose is also known to help tighten skin, muscles and various organs,  and prevents fine lines and wrinkles as well!

If using rose spray for hair, it will help your hair with fallout and breakage, allowing your hair to be healthy, stronger and supporting growth. 

This product is one of my new favorites here at Chthonic and I use it multiple times a day. I love incorporating it into my skincare routine. The uses for it are endless, and I guarantee you will love it just as much as me!


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