New Moon Ritual Candles

At Chthonic Co. we have recently added two new moon candles! One being a full moon candle and the other a new moon candle. Both of these candles are designed with the intention of maximizing the power of the  moon when lit. Many do not realize the energy of the moon and how you can harness it to help guide you into your full potential and change your life. 

Every 30 days we experience a new moon. The lunar system is beginning again and the sun, moon, and earth are in a line more or less. Due to that, the visibility of the moon is hard to see or not seen at all. Then after these days the moon is more visible, I like to think of the moon growing during this period, which is what you should think of in terms of energy wise. 

The new moon is all about new beginnings,  new changes and new everything. During the new moon you should reflect on prior goals and see if they are aligned still and if they are not, now is the time to come up with new goals to work towards and the actions that will support that goal becoming achieved. 

With our new moon candle, there are three perfect crystals  to use to manifest with the new moon. Smoky quartz, for grounding and manifesting as well as black obsidian and lapis lazuli all perfect for bringing in abundance, good health and whatever you wish. 

Light this candle and write down your intentions for the upcoming months and what you wish to accomplish and watch it manifest, visualize all the things you wish for and feel  the feeling to attract faster.  

The energy behind a full moon is to release all things you have stored emotionally. By writing down what you wish to let go and release under this full moon and lighting this candle, you will be on a path of success. Some may wish to release self doubt, limiting beliefs and more under a full moon, and this candle helps get rid of everything holding you back. This candle contains 3 powerful crystals associated with full moons, rose quartz, amethyst, and clear quartz filled with notes of bergamot, lavender and rose. Then after you write down all you wish to release, burn the paper, throw it away or bury it in the earth. Next write down on a sheet of paper I welcome in… and all the things you want to attract like the new moon. Fold this paper in and sleep on it and watch all your desires become a reality. 


Happy manifesting! 


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