Healing Crystals Used at Chthonic

You might notice that we are a fan of healing crystals and gemstones here at Chthonic and many products incorporate them. Lets first break down why healing crystals are used in products, how they work, the meaning and more. 

Everything in the world has energy, we know that energy can not be created nor destroyed. Crystals hold, store, emit and transform energy. The crystals we use at Chthonic Co. emit uplifting, positive energy vibrations just like we humans emit vibrations, the crystals vibrate at the same frequency as the energy in our body providing peace and calming energy to those that come in contact with the gemstone.  Each crystal has specific properties to a specific energy that has an effect on the body, mind and spirit. 

Energy flows where intention goes as we know at Chthonic Co. The energy of the crystals are intended to heal. For example you will see amethyst is quite frequently used in our products, as the intention of this crystal is to provide protection, stress and anxiety aid, bring calmness to those who need it along with many more benefits. This is a great piece for a beginner or someone who is looking to bring that calmness into their life. 

Amethyst is also found in our energy clearing spray. As lavender is calming as well as the amethyst, the infused sage essential oil is to remove the negative energy within a space. Like stated before we can not destroy energy so we must cleanse it, which is what the crystals and spray does as that is the intention behind the creation of this product. Making this product great for those who can not burn a candle in a dorm or an apartment, but would like the same benefits as our candles. 

As you learned crystals hold energy, you must know that crystals have to be cleansed in order for them to continue to emit and store the bad energy within. To cleanse the crystal, you can wash, (make sure this is a crystal you can wash some are damaged with water), light an incense, sage, palo santo or even charge under the full moon outside with the intention of clearing and removing the negative energy that is stored inside of it. 

Be on the lookout for our next blog post with the meanings and properties of our most commonly used crystals here at Chthonic! Check out the blog post before about chakras and balancing the energy using gemstones and crystals!



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