Chthonic Co.'s Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and finding the perfect gift for the special woman in your life can be a challenge. Fortunately, we have a range of products that would make great gifts for any mom on her special day.

Vanilla Rose Candle - Perfect for the mom who loves a floral rose scent.  This candle is lovely but not too strong due to the fact the vanilla balances the rose notes for a blend like no other.

Lavender Chamomile Candle - For the mom who is stressed! Both lavender and chamomile are flowers known for their calming properties. This light scent is perfect for the bedroom as you wind down in the evening.

Thieves Energy Candle - Great for the mom who always wants a clean, fresh smelling home! Thieves is known for its unique blend with benefits of boosting immunity.  This is the candle to burn if you need a uplifting or energizing candle. 

Summer Vibes Candle - Mom's who love summer and vacation need this candle! It has the scent that takes you to warm summer days and cooler evenings.  It is fresh and works well in any room of the house.

 Stay Away Bugs Candle - The mom who loves entertaining and being outside without the company of bugs! This candle is a must for any outdoor area.  It comes in a tin with a lid. so it can be used and covered. many times.

Coconut Lime Scrub - Perfect for the mom who loves crispy fruity smells over floral. This smells like summer and feels amazing. It. reminds us of a little coconut lime summer drink with an umbrella.

Coastal Breeze Scrub - A clean, beachy smell that whisks you to a vacation by the ocean.  This scrub smells crisp and clean without any floral notes. Perfect for a mom who needs a self care break from a hectic schedule.

Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub - Moms love this scrub because it's like a warm hug that feels like home.  It takes you back to wonderful kitchen smells of baked goods and sweet fragrances. 

Lemon Lavender Scrub - This floral scrub is the best for a refreshing and relaxing treatment all in one.  The aroma of the lavender is toned down with the pairing of the zesty lemon making it perfect for every mom.

Mango Peach Scrub - This scrub is for the mom who wants a pick me up and loves the summer fruits. It smells like a peach mango smoothie. The pleasant notes are a blend of subtle and not over powering while smelling wonderfully delicious. 

Vanilla Rose Bath Salts - The combination of warm vanilla and organic rose with rose petals strewn throughout make this a favorite for an intoxicating bath.

Eucalyptus Mint Bath Salts - Bath salts that will invigorate you and give you a second wind. Perfect for morning or day bathing, the blend of eucalyptus and mint will open your sinuses if you suffer from allergies or a stubborn spring cold. 

Lavender Oat Milk Bath - The relaxation of lavender with the luxurious milk bath while the oats is soothing to all skin types.  This milk bath is perfect if your mom has dry skin. We also love it for rashes and irritated skin because of the magnificent blend of lavender, oat and milk. 

Midnight Rose Bath Salts - This handcrafted blend of red clay, milk and salts are paired with organic rose petals.  Not only does it look and smell beautiful, it works beautifully too!  It is scented with a calming pure organic rose oil and petals.  This combo of beneficial red clay, milk and salts will mom feeling like a new person!

Ritual Realm Bath Salts - If mom loves nature, this is the pick for you.  it combines spicy and sweet with woodsy undertones. The organic dried flowers are beautiful floating while mom can drift away and leave all her stress behind.

If picking from this list is too overwhelming, don't worry we have you covered! You can purchase a digital gift card and let your mom pick out what she wants! She will love whatever you decide to do either way!






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