Chthonic Co. Featured at Thymely Solutions

Here at Thymely we started carrying a new line of candles, bath salts, energy clearing sprays, scrubs and many more items made by Chthonic Candle Co. Each product is handmade in small batches with the highest quality all natural and organic ingredients. All the candles are made from organic soy and USDA organic essential oils.

Another thing that sets Chthonic apart from other brands besides the purity of each product is that the candles have healing crystals in them with various energetic properties. Before the candle is lit simply remove the crystal and you can do as you please with it. Some suggestions are to leave it in a window sill or charge the crystal under moonlight to enhance its energy.

The energy clearing spray is also crystal infused and is filled with moon water that has been charged over night by the moon to purify the air and get rid of bad energy and vibes. Chthonic’s bath salts and milk baths are one of the prettiest looking bath salts and milk baths we carry with dried organic flowers sprinkled throughout as well as different kinds of salts including some from Hawaii.

Thymely started carrying Chthonic Candle Co. products in October of 2020 and sold many products as gifts for the holiday season. The gift sets are a great gift for someone whether it be birthday, or just because.

 Be on the lookout as we get exclusive items in for a limited time and feature a specific product in upcoming blog posts. Check out Chthonic Candle Co. on our website:


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