Chthonic Co. Candle Care Tips

Some of you may not know there are a few steps you should take when it comes to burning a soy candle, which is why I am here to share some secrets on how to get the best use each burn time!

1st Tip: When lighting the candle allow the candle to burn to across the complete surface. This allows the candle to burn evenly each time and doesn't allow tunneling to occur.

2nd Tip: Make sure to trim the wick occasionally, this will help allow a better flame. If your having a hard time to get the wick to light try trimming it a little and it should help!

3rd Tip: Since these candles are soy we recommend not lighting for more than 2 1/2 hrs at a time but definitely not more than 4! The essential oils in the candle can actually burn quite fast and then your fragrance is gone. 

4th Tip: When done burning and allowing to cool we recommend to put the lid back on as it can help lock in the scent better!

5th Tip: Placing your candles in a safe area in a lower place, like a coffee table also helps the scent increase as heat rises. Just make sure it is away from children and pets! 

Final Tip: Never leave a candle burning unattended! 


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