Bath Salt & Bath Soak Benefits

Did you know another way to heal your body and balance the energy in your body is by taking baths? Many of us are lacking magnesium and often see the results of it in our body without us knowing. Taking a bath with our bath salts is a great way to make sure your body is regulated with the right amount of magnesium and feeling your best. 

All of our bath salts and soaks are perfect for removing toxins in the body and really draws everything out of the body that is stuck like heavy metals, illness, toxins from the air and much more. All of our bath salts and soaks contain himalayan epsom salt. Epsom salt, a combination of magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen, is the primary base in all of our bath products providing many other benefits besides detox such as increased relaxation, weight management, health benefits like mentioned before, and helps aid in relief when it comes to sore muscles. 

Here are some tips we recommend if you are looking for a desired outcome!

  • Softer Skin 

    • 20 Minute Bath Soak

      • Strengthens skin barrier, reduces inflammation, keeps skin hydrated 

  • Muscle Aches and Soreness 

    • 12 Minute Bath Soak 

      • Reduces inflammation, tension, aches and can reduce muscle cramps 

  • Relaxation and Anti-Stress

    • 1 Hour Bath Soak 

      • Helps reduce stress, anxiety, depression due to magnesium which is what epsom salt is made up of, a lack of magnesium or  a deficiency will lead to anxiety, depression and stress. Taking a bath soak with our salts is a great way for the body to absorb the benefits of the magnesium found in the epsom salt and improve the levels in your body.


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